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6 experts’ predictions for 2009 by socialbutterfly09
December 11, 2008, 5:29 pm
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What brands will be hot in 2009 and why?
Jarvis Coffin: Food brands will be hot in 2009 as families hunker down in the kitchen to prepare meals at home and avoid the high cost of dining out. Nutrition and convenience both matter, so brands at that intersection that transform simple ingredients into tasty variety (soups, cheeses, spaghetti sauces, etc.) will dominate. Look for traffic and user loyalty to spike on cooking and recipe websites.

Chrysi Philalithes: The Obama brand could continue to be hot in 2009. It was the marketing brand of 2008 with its grassroots activity and innovative use of digital. Marketing during a presidency is different from marketing during an election. It will be interesting to see if an Obama administration continues to employ marketing and digital tactics in a way that encourages participatory democracy in America. The financial crisis will also play a role in determining which brands will be hot in 2009. In such economic times, there are a number of types of brands to watch for — with a renewed emphasis on thrift and value, a spotlight will be placed on brands such as Target. “Must have” brands such as Apple will also continue to be leaders. It’s the brands in the middle that will feel the squeeze more so than price-conscious brands such as Target or “must have” brands such as Apple. With consumers tightening their purse-strings, they are going to make sure that every cent they spend counts. Taking price parity as a given, brands that, when purchased, also help a social cause will increase in prominence in 2009; in particular, Product (RED) that helps tackle HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Which brands will make the best use of new media and how?
Coffin: Amazon and TiVo, as a result of their partnership in 2009 that makes it possible for consumers to buy products they may see on TV through their TiVo remote.

Chas Edwards: The ones that stop thinking like brands and start thinking like publishers. Two examples of brands that are on the right track are American Express and Asus.

What will be the biggest shakeup on the brand side for 2009?
Coffin: Investment and commercial banks left standing will turn to the internet to engage consumers in conversations about trust. “Big and rich” is out as a compelling brand value message among financial companies. The new spokespeople for financial companies will be their CEOs, who will be called upon to personalize the banking and investment business again. Banking is about neighborhoods again in ’09, not global reach.

Tom Hespos: The biggest shakeups will be on the brands where traditional media just can’t cut it anymore. For example, brands with young audiences will see that they can’t rely on TV as much anymore because more of their audience is online and on mobile devices. If they haven’t figured out how to leverage digital by this point, they’re going to see diminishing returns on media spends a lot sooner than they might have in previous years. This will lead to shakeups if executive management doesn’t see a clear path to defined roles for digital media.


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Very interesting. Looks at though digital is going to be big – which is what my research found for IT jobs in the UK – digital is a good segment for us to tackle.

Wonder if the Quiz Master can do any work on this segment for client?? Thoughts?

Comment by itjbmarketing

What do you think quiz master?

Comment by socialbutterfly09

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