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Branding in an interactive world by itjbmarketing
December 20, 2008, 11:19 pm
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Yesterday I watched a very intriguing online seminar which I urge the comms team to view.

The challenges that online has bought to the brand management equation is revolutionizing the way marketers must think about the topic.  One quote from the speaker summarises this challenge;

These days people say that a brand is not what a company says it is, it is what google a brand says it is!

This is because Web 2.0 has shifted power of the internet user.  The media now is very immersive – very interactive – participation has risen and people can share it.  The information available allows people to undermine the knowledge of companies, healthcare etc. 

The old model of capturing people and giving them messages will not work in the new world. 

The internet is one large community so the more brands can do to get people to share and connect with each other the better off they will be.  

And if the challenges of brand management were not already difficult the expects say that the future of this trend is going to be magnified 1000 times.

These are some of the snippets to get you thinking about the task ahead of us!

The presentation is called How people value brands in an interactive world. Its on the internet world site under Tuesday presentations.  Enjoy!

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