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Secrets of Social Media Marketing by quizmaster23
January 7, 2009, 4:59 pm
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I watched a webinar about Social Media Marketing before Christmas.  I got good information out of it.  Below the link to the webinar and a small summary.

Ten secrets of Social Media Marketing:

1. Don’t fear negativity

2. Start with the goal, not the tool

3. Embrace niche markets

4. Empower your people to speak

5. Learn to listen

6. Think like a publisher

7. Ditch the 13 week campaign

8. Put communities to work

9. Use the Straight principle in all communications

10. Reuse and syndicate

After watching this webinar I think we need to use all our different channels to drive traffic to each other. 

During the last year we have created a lot of content but used it only for email marketing.  We can use it to make posts on blogs, upload it on the Social Networks, etc.

The gay of the webinar said “Social media is for awareness and email for retention”. In part I agree with him, because you use the social media to get your name out to potential candidates/clients but you still have to make sure that you engage people with your information, so they will come back to your blog, group, etc.

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